Know before you go online


Welcome to the 16th WFC Biennial Congress. Above you will find the link to access the online platform Nexus from which you will use your registration details to log into the event.

Please note the following:

  • You must use the same email that you used to register for the Congress
  • Access to the platform will not open until 15 minutes before the time that the event is due to commence (08:00am Central Time US/Canada). Attempts to login in before this time will be unsuccessful.
  • We suggest bookmarking the page so you can easily return to it on each day of the Congress.
  • Our hashtags for the event are #WFCcongress and #WFCmatters. Please talk about your experiences using these hashtags when entering comments in the chat box and on your own social media platforms.


The recorded videos presentations will be available after the event

Once the On Demand capability is live, we will notify you via email and the WFC Nexus page ( will automatically convert itself for that purpose. Please note that if you leave that page open in the browser, it will need to be refreshed on Monday to see the changes.

Book of proceedings

All delegates can access the 16th WFC Biennial Congress Book of Proceedings at

Poster Exhibition

The Poster Exhibition is live and can be accessed at between now and December 31.

Technical support

Once the event is live, please visit the Resource Center for helpful information about how to navigate this virtual Congress. The technical team from our partners at Parker Seminars will also be on hand to respond to any issues with your virtual WFC Congress experience.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the Congress! We hope you enjoy attending as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

To make the online event the absolute best experience for everyone, be sure you run through the checklist below before the event kicks off!

  • Please note that any updates, links, and final instructions will be emailed to you the week of the event. Expect a link to the WFC Congress login to appear in your inbox approximately one (1) day prior to its start.
  • All times on the schedule are listed in Central Standard Time.
  • If you haven’t already, read online or download the Academic Programme to review all of the excellent material and speakers that will be a part of the event: View the WFC Congress Academic Programme
  • Have your questions ready for event speakers so you can take part in exclusive Q&A sessions during the presentations. All Q&A happens in the chat window that will be available, with some speakers answering directly back in the same chat box, while others will answer questions from the stage.
  • To optimize your experience, please view WFC Congress on your laptop or desktop using the Google Chrome browser (Safari and Firefox are also supported, while Edge and Internet Explorer are not recommended).
  • Please also remember that while mobile is supported in many areas of the platform, the best experience is on a high-resolution laptop or computer screen (1920x1080 pixels or higher).
  • Feeling a little lost during the event? Look for the Resource Center button that will be available. It will take you to a virtual room with direct access to registration, technical, and other support!
  • Technical issues: Contact Parker IT @ +1 214-902-2430 (be sure to tell them that you are an attendee of the WFC 2021 Congress).
  • Have your coffee and snacks on-hand. You may want these ready as you view the digital event from the comfort of your home!