Abstract submission

The WFC Biennial Congress is the largest chiropractic scientific meeting in the world. We invite chiropractic and non-chiropractic scientists and researchers to submit their abstracts to this outstanding global event. 

Please see below for abstract submission information, guidelines, terms and conditions, and judging criteria.

The abstract submission is closed.

Key dates


March 8

Opening online abstract submission

June 8

Abstracts submissions due date* (extended deadline)

July 15Abstract acceptance notification letter

August 1

Presenting authors must be registered

September 1

Presenting author materials submitted to WFC

September 23-25Presenting author available for assigned presentation time

* The online abstract submission system will be closed on June 8, 2021, 11:59:59pm CST (Central Standard Time). 

Abstract submission information:

To submit an abstract to the 2021 WFC Biennial Congress virtual event, the corresponding author must agree to the following on behalf of all other authors:

  • New abstracts - not published prior to June 1, 2021 - may be submitted to one of the following research categories: Clinical, Basic science, Education, Public Health, Health Services, and other research. For the “new abstract” category, the content of the submitted work has not been previously published; however, it is permissible for the abstract to be published after the submission due date, June 1, 2021.
  • Previously published papers, are published between March 1, 2019 to May 31, 2021, and will be considered separately in the following research categories: Clinical, Basic science, Education, Public Health, Health Services, and other research. Authors of previously published papers must send a complete copy of the paper to 2021wfc.congress.abstracts@gmail.com to be considered by the review committee.
  • Submitted abstract maximum word count is 300 words (not including title)
  • The abstract format shall be: Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion. No references, figure or tables are to be submitted.
  • Abstracts shall be submitted in the English language.
  • Whether ethics approval for the work was obtained or was exempted (proof of this must be provided to the WFC upon request).
  • All authors listed on the abstract agree to its submission to the 2021 WFC Biennial Congress.
  • All authors of "new abstracts" consent to publishing the abstract and the presentation materials in electronic format that will be available publicly online.
  • The presenter of either new or previously published abstract must be an author.
  • The presenting author must be registered for the conference by the due date and provide WFC all required information and permissions. Please see the registration page for registration fees In the event the required registration and presentation materials are not received by their due dates, the abstract and presentation will be removed from the program.
  • Only two (2) presentations may be made by any one (1) person. An author can be listed on any number of accepted abstracts, but any author may present no more than two (2) abstracts.

Abstract judging and selection
  • New abstracts will be selected through a peer review process and will be assigned to one of the following categories for virtual presentation:
  1. 8-minute platform research presentation
  2. Digital iPoster presentation
  • New abstracts will be judged on the following criteria: methodology (higher order, higher quality studies receive higher rating), significance of conclusions, appropriateness, relevance, and overall importance of the research for submission at the 2021 WFC Biennial Congress.
  • Previously published papers will be judged in a separate category and not mixed in with new abstract submissions.
  • Any submitted abstract that is suspected to involve scientific misconduct or ethics issues, such as abstracts ghost-written by others or lacking proper ethics approval, will be rejected immediately.
  • If accepted, presenting authors will submit their pre-recorded presentation in accordance with the rules for the 8-minute platform research presentation or Digital  iPoster presentation as assigned. Criteria for pre-recorded presentation(s) will include: language (English), audible, clear visual presentation, is within allotted time, does not promote self or products, and any other instructions provided by the Congress Scientific Committee Chair.
  • Any submitted presentation that does not meet the above criteria will be removed from the program.
  • All WFC decisions regarding abstract selection are final.
Abstract submission instructions

Step 1 Click on the abstract submission button which leads you to an external dedicated WFC online abstract submission platform. You can find the button/link on top or below this page.

Step 2 Once you are at the online WFC abstract submission platform, you must first create your author profile. On the blue bar above in the system, click “Login” then on the next page click on “New User?” 

Step 3 Fill in the author submission form. Be sure to fill out all required fields and click “save” at the bottom. Once you have created your user profile, please use the same one for all of your submitted abstracts. You may log back in to update your information and profile. 

Step 4 To submit your abstract, log in. On your homepage under “My Submissions” click on “add new” which will open a page for you to submit your abstract. Be sure to have all the information for you and your coauthors ready to fill out the submission page. To add your coauthors’ names to the submission, under Additional authors, click on “add new” and fill in their information. Be sure to click “save” at the bottom to save your submission information. 

Step 5 To complete your submission, click “save & submit” otherwise, your abstract will not be submitted. You can log in a check on your submission. If you see the word “Complete” on your Submissions page, then you have successfully completed your submission. 


For inquiries about the call for abstracts and abstract submission, please contact the abstract submission office via 2021wfc.congress.abstracts@gmail.com.